Crossing Europe 2018 - Audience Award

BSL Wien Kurzfilmfestival 2018 - Best Musikvideo Award

Fieberbrunn 2018 - Landesmeister OÖ

Staatsmeiseterschaft der Filmautoren in Graz 2018 - Bronze

VÖFA 2018 - Sonderpreis

Austriacus Award 2017 - Bronze

German Design Award 2017 - Winner

Cäsar Award 2016 - Gold

I was born in Kiew, Ukraine, based in Linz, upper Austria.

Before becoming a filmmaker I was doing 3D visualisations for architecture (ext&int), working also as an interior designer in Dubai, Moscow, Milano and my home town. It really helps me nowdays to make a proper scene styling (Bühnenbildgestaltung), if needed, or to give a deeper task to a set designer according to the project conditions.

BA Degree Timebased Media - 2016

BA Degree Marketing - 2005